Program and General Program Policies

Classes are scheduled to begin the 2nd week of September and end the 3rd week of June.
Our class times are 8:45am-11:45am and 12:45pm-3:30pm. Our 3-hour daily class schedule is as follows:
Meet & Greet (20 mins) free time, explore the room, chat with friends.
Opening Circle (20 mins) share in conversations, read a short story, discuss daily personal goals, introduce a new activity, sing a song and or participate in a carpet activity.

Free Choice (80 mins) Uninterrupted work cycle, individual and small group Montessori lessons. Outside Time (40 mins) organized outside activities, nature walks, sports games, playground equipment. Closing Circle (20 mins) stories, talking & listening, discussing upcoming classes, hand out work.

Our daily schedule provides a basic framework for our days but is not rigid. Rigidity in a schedule offers its own set of problems. When children are especially engrossed in their work, or activity demands a few additional minutes, it is beneficial to adjust the schedule to accommodate the child.